We went up to OKC this weekend and got to work pulling the motor out of the donor truck.  It’s a 1973 3+3 Chevy truck that my dad got in a trade as he wanted the 454 for a project of his.  Since he already has a truck with a 454 he decided that he would give the motor to me for this Vette Restoration project.


This is the truck as it was sitting when we started, it was running when dad parked it several months ago.  He pulled the battery when he parked it, and we just did not worry about getting it running again just to get it hot and pull the motor.

We just put a tow rope on it and pulled it around to in front of the shop.  What we did do before we moved it was to pull the radiator and drain the water where it was setting so it would not be all over the shop floor.

Once in place we started by draining the oil, then removing all the accessories.  Since we were never planning on putting anything back into the truck we were not worried about how we left the truck engine compartment.  If the accessory had a wire on it, we just cut it.

Here is my dad, Larry.  (I just call him dad.  :-)   )   Not only is he the one that has given me the motor, he has helped me pull the motor as well.

So we got the motor pulled and set on a cradle.   The motor is covered in massive amounts of grease, dirt, and tree debris.  We will see about coming back and pulling the motor apart the rest of the way.