So over the weekend of Feb 17th my parents were in town and so was the Dallas Autorama.  My dad and I love going to Car shows to get ideas and see what is out there that  is new and cool.  Since the timing was perfect we decided to drop in and even my mom and my wife decided they were going as well.   So we fought the rain and the traffic and headed down to the Dallas Market Hall for a day of fun and photos.

We say plenty of cool cars, including my dream car, a 1934 Ford roadster with the fenders and running boards removed.  If you like check out car photos from events like this you can visit my Autorama gallery page at

Near the end of the day my wife turned towards me and said “OK…  I’ll make a deal with you” to which I replied with “Ummm…  Okay.”  I was kind of worried at this point since we had been talking about getting a 2012 or 2013 Challenger, or a Barracuda if Dodge releases one.  After seeing a few of the Cuda’s, and all the other cars I was starting to think that she was either changing her mind or wanted me to sell one of my Vettes for it.  I was starting to sweat wondering what she was going to say.

What she said next just about put me on the floor. “You can do what ever you want to the motor of the Vette as long as its shiny and has chrome on it.”  !!!!!!    WOW!   Really…   It was all I could do was stammer out a reply of “DEAL!”

My dad had been talking with someone during all of this and did not get to hear this exchange. But once he got done talking I told him what Cheri said.  I thought I was still a little light headed from out conversation when what my dad said next put me on Cloud 9.  “Well, I have a 454 at home that I will give you for it.  You just have to help me pull it.”   WOW!!!! Again!!

So now, I have permission to replace the motor in the Vette, and was given a 454 to do it with.  So now I am looking for a chrome Blower and two 4 barrel carburetors.  :-)

Since that fateful day we have actually changed the project from just a motor replacement to just about a full restoration of the 76.   We are going to just about strip it and replace everything that moves, and a few things that don’t move as well.  This site is where I am going to document my progress on the restoration.  If anyone actually reads this blog and you want to see any special photos during this even then let me know and I’ll see about shooting them.