We went up to Oklahoma this past weekend and ended up pulling part of the motor apart.  Well, first we lifted the motor with the host and strapped it onto one of my dads trailer.  Once it was secure we took it to a car wash.


After many, many applications of de-greaser and high pressure water at the car wash we got a ton of the grease of gunk off the block.

It’s still dirty but not near as bad as it was.   We could actually tell that the motor was painted Chevy orange.




The only thing odd I found was apparently a hole in the side of the oil pan.  It was patched with some type of…  well…  something.

The edges of the “patch” could flake off with just my finer nail. It appears that the patch has held since it was holding the oil and I did not see anything coming out of it.




   Once we got the intake off, the heads off I was happy to find that the motor is VERY clean.   I measured the cylinders and they are right at 4.250 at about the middle of the stroke.

The 454 stock has a bore of 4.250″ so this motor has never been touched before. Now I just need to decide if I am going to just clean up the bore or actually bore it out a full .060 over and then stroke it.  I am still thinking about that.


The only thing that was a problem during the take down was the fact I broke a head bolt while trying to get the heads off.  We were using air tools to get the bolts out and I guess it just hit it with too much “impact.”

There is enough of the bolt that sticks out so I don’t think that there is going to be a problem getting that head bolt out.  I still don’t have the oil pan off so I can’t tell what the rods and crank look like.  I think from looking at the rest of it, I am not going to have a problem with the rest of the motor.

I can’t wait to get the motor on the stand and start rebuilding it.