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We went up to Oklahoma this past weekend and ended up pulling part of the motor apart.  Well, first we lifted the motor with the host and strapped it onto one of my dads trailer.  Once it was secure we took it to a car wash.   After many, many applications of de-greaser and high [...]

  We went up to OKC this weekend and got to work pulling the motor out of the donor truck.  It’s a 1973 3+3 Chevy truck that my dad got in a trade as he wanted the 454 for a project of his.  Since he already has a truck with a 454 he decided that [...]

So, this weekend we are heading up to Oklahoma to my parents place.  While I am there we are going to pull the motor out of a 1973 Chevy Pickup truck.  It’s a Big Block 454 and I have no idea how many miles are on the truck.  Dad said that it was running when [...]